Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fans, fans, fans

This is gonna be good!

My fan came today - ooooh la la!

Got my bead on at AC Moore - 50% off sale for this brand, so I stocked up for the bridesmaids fans...

And here are the bottles and sprockets for the "wunderkammer" boutonnieres:

Figured for those who don't like the froof of feather fans, they can have tiny glass jars with "specimens" (eg minerals, crystals, shells, bones, etc.) jazzed up with the necessary (for any steampunk affair) cogs'n'sprockets.

Also got paper for the invites - now to make and send them in the coming weeks!  Very excited about those....I do need envelopes, though, but those can be found or made in a pinch!

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