Saturday, June 16, 2012

Honeymoon photos

The first attraction we visited was the Crane Point museum and accompanying trails, which had a number of cool things from a butterfly garden, bird preserve, and the oldest house not in Key West.  The museum was a small little nook, which I really liked, since small museums are often more personable - labors of love.  The trails were packed with awesomeness, and had gorgeous views at the end, making the humidity worth it :)

Our Crane Point photos

Key West had to be divided into 2 days since there is just so much to see.  So below is day one, with the Cemetary, the oldest house in the key, and various bits of prettiness.  And there's day two with the Hemingway house and related stuff.

Another place we went was the Butterfly Conservatory in Key West, which now counts as one of my mental happy places.  Exquisite!  Just go look :)

 We also went to the Dolphin Research center and the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, having a dorkily wonderful time (I like history and science with my vacations!)

There was also ample time for beach bumming, either just us or with Gobi!


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